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In this article, you can find listed additional resources with information about using Telerik UI for WPF


You can contact Telerik support with a technical question using your account by submitting a Support Ticket.


  • The Telerik Product Forums, provide a place where you can communicate and consult with other people who use Telerik products.


You can check the following resources that demonstrate possible use cases and configuration scenarios with Telerik UI for WPF.

  • GitHub SDK repository: A repository with developer focused examples for most Telerik WPF controls. You can also use the SDK Sample Browser to easily explore and run the examples.
  • Product Demos: An application that showcases the Telerik WPF products in different user scenarios.


You can find some tips about working with the Telerik UI for WPF controls as well as the introduction of new controls and features in the Telerik WPF Blogs.

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