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Have you ever encountered the need of building a very complicated custom site menu system, while still keeping it simple for the end user? It’s easy to save space and provide additional commands or features with the RadContextMenu.

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RadContextMenu provides the power to boost the existing navigation of your application. Similar to RadMenu, RadContextMenu allows you to combine the ability to display hierarchical views and the advanced styling mechanism, thus letting you build even the most complicated site-menu systems.

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadContextMenu control:

  • Multi-level Menu Items - RadContextMenu supports the displaying of hierarchical data. You can build any levels of menu items as needed to achieve the navigation you’d like. Read More

  • Hierarchical Data Binding - the RadContextMenu control allows you to bind and visualize sets of hierarchical data. You can also populate it by consuming data from XML files, WCF services, RIA services etc. Read More

  • Opening on a Specific Event - you are able to specify the event that should trigger the RadContextMenu opening. You can also specify a key, that should be pressed in combination with the event. Read More

  • Styling and Appearance - RadContextMenu control can be fully customized using Expression Blend. There are also several pre-defined themes that can be used to style the menu control. Read More

  • WPF/Silverlight Code Compatibility - The WPF Menu shares a single codebase with its Silverlight counterpart. This means that you can achieve close to 100% code reuse for your Menu logic if you have parallel WPF/Silverlight development.

  • Codeless Test Automation for ContextMenu - now you can record, execute and debug functional tests for ContextMenu without leaving the familiar Visual Studio environment. Telerik WebUI Test Studio is an advanced click and play web application testing tool specialized for automating both AJAX and Silverlight applications. The Studio ships with special translators for Telerik controls from the UI for WPF suite for ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight.

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