WPF TouchManager Overview

TouchManager is a framework that provides an intuitive API for handling the interaction on touch devices. The framework allows you to subscribe to touch events and control the touch hit test visibility of the elements in the visual tree.

TouchManager is used for implementing the touch support of the controls in the UI for WPF suite.

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TouchManager has the following key features:

  • Rich event handling: TouchManager provides a set of events that can be used to handle the touch interaction within your application. Using the framework you can associate a UIElement to different touch interactions as touch down, touch move, touch enter, swipe, tap, pinch, etc. You can find a complete list with the events exposed by the manager in the Events help article.

  • Hit test visibility control: Touchmanager allows you to define the hit test visibility of the elements involved in the touch interaction. You can take a look at the Touch Modes help article for more information.

  • Gestures: TouchManager gives you several built-in gestures (tap, pinch, swipe, etc.) and also the ability to create custom gestures.

  • Creating custom gestures: TouchManager allows you to create custom gestures to trace specific patterns or movements. You can find more information about creating custom gestures in the Custom Gestures section of the TouchManager documentation.

You can find an example that demonstrates TouchManager in our demo application.

See the Touch Support help article for more information about the touch support in WPF

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