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radlegend wpf

The RadLegend is a standalone control which visualizes a list of items. The items with which the control works are of type Telerik.Windows.Controls.Legend.LegendItem. In order for items to be visualized, the LegendItem objects must be passed to the RadLegend in a LegendItemCollection.

In order to use the RadLegend in your project you have to add references to the following assembly:

  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.dll
    After adding references to Controls dll you can access the RadLegend element in XAML through the following namespace declaration: xmlns:telerik="http://schemas.telerik.com/2008/xaml/presentation"

Below is given a simple way to use the RadLegend control:

            <telerik:LegendItem MarkerFill="#FF55AA33" Title="Legend item 1" />
            <telerik:LegendItem MarkerFill="#FFCC3399" Title="Legend item 2" />
            <telerik:LegendItem MarkerFill="#FF5511BB" Title="Legend item 3" />

Legend 1

The RadLegend is easily customized through the DefaultMarkerGeometry, ItemTemplate and ItemsPanel properties.

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