WPF Carousel Overview

RadCarousel for WPF is an innovative control for interactive navigation of data, using circular or free-form motion paths. It presents complex data from a whole new perspective and gives a sense of 3D application interface.

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The RadCarousel is part of Telerik UI for WPF, a professional grade UI library with 160+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Slick animations

With RadCarousel any numeric property can be animated, thus creating exciting user experience. WPF RadCarousel Animations

Autogenerated Data Items Presentation

Data items presentation can be auto generated, thus allowing you to quickly display your business objects inside your application. WPF RadCarousel Autogenerated Data Items Presentation

Rich item customization

Rich item customization can be achieved through styles, templates, and animations.   WPF RadCarousel Rich Item Customization

Scroll support

When placed in a scrollable container, RadCarousel automatically navigates when you use the scroll bars or the mouse wheel.

Custom animation paths support

Any path can be used for item movement. This allows designers to create the best path for the situation at hand in Expression Blend.   WPF RadCarousel Custom Animation Paths Support

Flexible control points specification mechanism

The control points are the mechanism to manage the visual appearance of the carousel items. With the help of this mechanism the items’ opacity, scaling and skewing can be easily controlled.  

WPF RadCarousel Flexible Control Points Specification

Performant LINQ-based databinding engine

RadCarousel is a fully-functional data bound control taking full advantage of the performant LINQ-based Telerik data engine. It provides selection and current item support that enable data binding scenarios from XAML only.

Reusable RadCarouselPanel

RadCarouselPanel can both host standalone controls and be used in conjunction with any WPF items control like a ListBox or a ListView to spice up its appearance.

WPF RadCarousel Reusable RadCarouselPanel

UI virtualization

To utilize system resources in an optimal way, RadCarouselPanel will only display UI elements for the currently visible items when used in an items control.

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