RadImageEditor is a control that can be used to preview and edit images in different file formats. It is meant to be used as a stand-alone control, but has also been integrated in RadRichTextBox.

The operations it can perform on an image are:

  • Crop

  • Canvas Resize

  • Round Corners (including border)

  • Hue Shift

  • Saturation

  • Contrast (and brightness)

  • Sharpen and Blur

  • Rotating and Flipping

  • Typing

  • Drawing

  • Panning

The image formats it supports are:

For import:

  • JPEG;

  • PNG;

  • BMP;

  • TIFF;

  • GIF;

  • ICO.

For export:

  • JPEG;

  • PNG;

  • BMP;

  • TIFF;

  • GIF.

RadImageEditor is highly extensible, so you can implement and utilize additional image editing tools, as well as import and export in other formats.

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