WPF VirtualKeyboard Overview

VirtualKeyboard is a visual keyboard component rendered on the screen that mimics keyboard interactions without a phyisical device.

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The RadVirtualKeyboard is part of Telerik UI for WPF, a professional grade UI library with 160+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

WPF RadVirtualKeyboard Overview

Get started with the control with its Getting Started help article that shows how to use it in a basic scenario.

Key Features

  • Native key input—The keyboard device is not focusable and each button click sends a native key down action that is passed to the currently focused element. This means that no special code for binding the keyboard component with the input element is required.

  • Customizeable layouts—The buttons layout can be customized by implementing custom key layout factory class or by loading an .xml file with a special format.

  • Language culture support—You can assign a specific culture that will be applied to the letter keys or you can enable the automatic synchronization with the current OS input language.

  • Sound— The keyboard supports a clicking sound that is played on button press. The sound can be disabled or replaced with a custom one.

  • Customizeable buttons—The visualization of each button can be customized with DataTemplates.

Check out the demos application at demos.telerik.com.

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