Rad Calendar Overview

RadCalendar for WPF is an advanced date input control that allows single or multiple date selection as well as displaying dates in different views. All calendar properties are culture-aware and customizable.

Key Features:

  • Culture awareness: RadCalendar is easily globalized. All properties are culture-aware and if not explicitly set, they would use the default thread culture for their values. You can easily change the text in the calendar's header, FirstDayOfWeek or DayMonthNamesFormat.

  • Month and year views: RadCalendar provides month and year views.

  • Flexible date navigation: RadCalendar provides two types of navigation: arrow buttons in the calendar header that would cycle through the list of days, months or years and clicking inbetween the two arrows would change the calendar view.

  • Fully Skinnable: RadCalendar is easily customizable through different skins available.

  • Keyboard support: Users can navigate through the items (dates) using keys.

  • Advanced Event-handling model: RadCalender supports routed events.

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