WPF WatermarkTextBox Overview

RadWatermarkTextBox control represents a TextBox that allows you to define a placeholder to be displayed when the content is empty and the control is not focused. This is useful when you want to display additional information when having an empty text input control.

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WPF RadWatermarkTextBox Overview

Key Features

  • Empty (watermark) content: This allows you to give guidance to the end user on what should be enter in the text input. The watermark content is displayed when the control is empty and not focused.

  • Customizeable watermark content: You can easily change the watermark content and content template of the control.

  • Selection on focus: The control gives you the ability to select all text when it gets the focus.

  • Different watermark behaviors: You can tell the control when to hide the watermark content - on focus, on click or on text entered.

  • Embedded label support: This allows you to provide a label describing the text input. Read more in the Label article.

Check out the online demo at demos.telerik.com

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