The RadChat component is exposed as of R2 2018. It enables easy implementation of conversational UI in WPF applications, whether by utilizing certain chatbot framework, by following a predefined logical tree, or just for integrating P2P chat capabilites.

Figure 1: RadChat


Conversational UI's features list:

  • Messages: A predefined set of built-in messages depending on the type of data that needs to be sent.

  • Cards: Displaying a message in a structured and intuitive for the user manner.

  • Overlays: Calendar, List, Carousel, etc.

  • Suggested Actions: Make the user's input easier by adding suggestions.

  • Type Indicator: Indicate to the current user that another Author is typing.

  • ToolBar Commands: Enabling user interaction with the ToolBar through triggering ToolBarCommands.

  • Predefined variety of themes

  • Customizable layout

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