Rad Time Span Picker Overview 01

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RadTimeSpanPicker is a UI component that provides a full control over picking a specific time span and duration using the built-in components for days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. You could easily define some minimum/maximum ranges and specific value step for the components. RadTimeSpanPicker also provides the ability to create custom components to meet any specific user scenarios.

Rad Time Span Picker Overview 02

Key Features

  • TimeSpanComponents - RadTimeSpanPicker supports built-in components for picking days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. A specific minimum/maximum ranges and value step could be set for each component separately.

  • Styling and Appearance - You can easily customize the appearance of the control.

  • Watermark - RadTimeSpanPicker allows the user to set a desired watermark content using the TimeSpanWatermarkContent property and modify it as needed using the TimeSpanWatermarkTemplate property.

  • Events - Support of routed events and some specific for the control events.

You can check RadTimeSpanPicker demos at: https://demos.telerik.com/wpf.

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