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Code Snippets

The Telerik Visual Studio Code extension provides a handy feature for increased developer productivity – code snippets for fast UI component reference and configuration.

Get the Extension

To use the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Code Snippets, install the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Visual Studio Code Extension.

Add a Code Snippet to the page

  1. Use the tm shortcut that stands for Telerik MAUI and select a snippet from the dropdown menu.
    1. Alternatively, type the component name, and the available snippets will appear in a dropdown menu.
  2. Use a Tab sequence to populate the available attributes of the component.

    Telerik UI for .NET MAUI VS Code snippets

Available Code Snippets

Code Snippet Component
tm-accordion Accordion
tm-aiprompt AI Prompt
tm-autocomplete AutoComplete
tm-barcode Barcode
tm-badgeview BadgeView
tm-border Border
tm-busyindicator BusyIndicator
tm-button Button
tm-calendar Calendar
tm-chart Chart
tm-checkbox CheckBox
tm-collectionview CollectionView
tm-combobox ComboBox
tm-chat Chat
tm-dataform DataForm
tm-datagrid DataGrid
tm-datepicker DatePicker
tm-datetimepicker DateTimePicker
tm-docklayout DockLayout
tm-entry Entry
tm-expander Expander
tm-radial-gauge Gauge
tm-horizontal-gauge Gauge
tm-imageeditor ImageEditor
tm-itemscontrol ItemsControl
tm-listpicker ListPicker
tm-listview ListView
tm-map Map
tm-maskedentry MaskedEntry
tm-navigationview NavigationView
tm-numericinput NumericInput
tm-path Path
tm-pdfviewer PDF Viewer
tm-popup Popup
tm-progressbar ProgressBar
tm-rangeslider RangeSlider
tm-rating Rating
tm-templated-rating Rating
tm-richtexteditor RichTextEditor
tm-scheduler Scheduler
tm-segmented-control SegmentedControl
tm-sidedrawer SideDrawer
tm-signaturepad SignaturePad
tm-slider Slider
tm-slideview SlideView
tm-tabview TabView
tm-templatedbutton TemplatedButton
tm-templatedpicker TemplatedPicker
tm-timepicker TimePicker
tm-timespanpicker TimeSpanPicker
tm-togglebutton ToggleButton
tm-toolbar Toolbar
tm-treeview TreeView
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