.NET MAUI TabView Overview

The Telerik TabView for .NET MAUI is a flexible navigation control that allows you to build tabbed interfaces. Each TabView item has an associated content displayed on selection. The control is customizable. Using the API you can customize the TabView header area that contains the tabs and the TabView content.

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.NET MAUI TabView Overview

Key Features

  • Item Selection—TabView exposes selection API which allows you as a developer to extend the navigation per application needs.
  • Header Customization—TabView provides means for customizing the header area containing the tabs—through the HeaderStyle property you can change its position, orientation, and spacing between the tabs; through the HeaderTemplate property you can modify its look and feel.
  • Image support in the header—add images inside the header. In addition you can controls the position of the image and the spacing between the image and the header text.
  • Change the header position to top, bottom, left or right.
  • Tabs Customization—You can customize the appearance of each tab. Each tab has a header and content. The TabViewItem class gives you the option to set Tab's header text, add an image which will be displayed in the header, add a content and decide whether the tab will be selected, visible and enabled.
  • Flexible styling API—The TabView provides a number of styling capabilities, which enable you to style its header, header items and content. In addition, there is a styling option for the TabView control.
  • Templates—The TabView provides templates for its header, header items and content.

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