.NET MAUI Conversational UI (Chat) Overview

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Chat is a UI component that enables the implementation of conversational UI in .NET MAUI applications. It allows for use of a chatbot framework, following a predefined logical tree, or integrating peer-to-peer chat capabilities.

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.NET MAUI Chat Overview

Key Features

  • A variety of chat items for great user experience—You can choose between simple text messages, various pickers, such as list view, calendar, date and time pickers, and cards.
  • Typing indicator—Use the typing indicator to let the users that other Chat participants are currently typing.
  • Template Selectors—Apply different templates to each Chat items.
  • Predefined List of Suggestions—This feature allows you to have a predefind list of suggestions. So the users of the Chat can choose between predefined items before sending a message.
  • MVVM support—With the RadChat control, you can use the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. You can achieve this by bounding the ItemsSource property to a collection of any data items that will be converted into chat items.
  • Commands support—Part of the MVVM support. You can execute a command when sending messages.
  • Localization support—Translate the phrases used across the Chat control to other languages so that you can adapt your app to different regions.

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