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Masked Input Column

GridViewMaskedInputColumn derives from GridViewBoundColumnBase, which means that it inherits all of the functionality too. In edit mode every field of the column will be represented by a RadMaskedInput control depending on what MaskType is set, unless a CellEditTemplate is defined for the column.

This is a list with short descriptions of the editors which will be created based on MaskType property setting:

  • MaskType="Standard" - RadMaskedTextInput control, it supports restriction of the user input to customized text formats. Read more

  • MaskType="DateTime" - RadMaskedDateTimeInput control, it ensures that the date entered by the user is verified and accurate. Read more

  • MaskType="Numeric" - RadMaskedNumericInput control, it supports restricting the user input to decimal, fixed-point, percent and currency values, where currency values are also culture sensitive. Read more

  • MaskType="Currency" -RadMaskedCurrencyInput control, it allows broad customization of culture-aware currency values. Read more

For example add a GridViewMaskedInputColumn that represents the OrderNumber for an Order object. The OrderNumber should not be more than 7 symbols. As it allows both text and digits use Standard MaskType and set "SO#####" as Mask.

Example 1: Define GridViewMaskedInputColumn in XAML:

<telerik:RadGridView x:Name="radGridView" 
        <telerik:GridViewMaskedInputColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding OrderNO}"  
                           Header="Order No." 

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