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Breaking Changes

This article lists and describes the breaking changes introduced in the RadGridView component. For a full list of changes, see the Release History pages of the Telerik UI for WPF product.

R3 2022 SP1

  • The CurrentCellChanged event was removed. Use CurrentCellInfoChanged instead. The event was removed because it was using visual containers in its arguments which cannot be provided successfully in a virtualized scenario because of the containers recycling.

Q2 2015

  • Removed the obsoleted class GridViewExportEventArgs and TextAlignment, VerticalAlignment, Background, Foreground, FontFamily, FontSize, FontWeight, Width, Height, Styles and Attributes properties from GridViewElementExportingEventArgs class.

    As of Q3 2013 GridViewElementExportingEventArgs exposes a new property called VisualParameters. The value of the property depends on the export format. You can use this to style the exported element.

    Replacing the GridViewExportEventArgs styling with the GridViewElementExportingEventArgs

        // before 
        private void radGrid_ElementExporting(object sender, GridViewElementExportingEventArgs e)  
            e.Background = Colors.Red;  
            e.FontFamily = new FontFamily("Verdana");  
            e.FontSize = 30;  
            e.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold;  
            e.Foreground = Colors.Green;  
            e.Height = 50;  
            e.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;  
            e.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Bottom;  
        // after 
        private void clubsGrid_ElementExporting_1(object sender, GridViewElementExportingEventArgs e)  
            if (e.VisualParameters is GridViewHtmlVisualExportParameters)  
                var param = e.VisualParameters as GridViewHtmlVisualExportParameters;  
                param.Background = Colors.Red;  
                param.FontFamily = new FontFamily("Verdana");  
                param.FontSize = 30;  
                param.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold;  
                param.Foreground = Colors.Green;  
                param.Height = 50;  
                param.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;  
                param.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Bottom;  
                param.Width = 500;  
  • Removed obsoleted property DefaultOperator of FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs. Use the DefaultOperator1 and DefaultOperator2 properties instead.

  • Removed obsoleted property ParentGroupRow of GridViewGroupFooterRow.

  • Removed obsoleted property ShowInsertRow of RadGridView. Use the NewRowPosition property instead.

Q2 2014

  • GridViewMaskedTextBoxColumn was removed. Use GridViewMaskedInputColumn instead.

  • GridViewIndicatorCell was removed. Use another visual, like a Border or any ContentControl instead.

Q2 2013

  • DragDrop logic now depends on DragDropManager. The RadDragAndDropManager logic was removed from the GridViewDataControl (inherited by RadGridView). For any drag/drop customizations, use DragDropManager.

Q1 2012

The filtering enablement in the GridViewExpressionColumn required to write to rewrite the entire filtering infrastructure for the Q1 2012 release. The number of breaking changes was minimized as possible, but some were inevitable.

  • The IFilteringControl.Prepare method now expects the more general type GridViewColumn instead of GridViewBoundColumnBase as its argument.

  • The GridViewDistinctValuesLoadingEventArgs.Column property is now of the more general type GridViewColumn.

  • The GridViewDataControl.GetDistinctValues family of methods now accept GridViewColumn instead of IDataFieldDescriptor as their first parameter.

  • The EditorCreatedEventArgs.Column is now of the more general type GridViewColumn.

  • The FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.Column property is now of type GridViewColumn instead of IDataFieldDescriptor.

  • The ColumnFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. Use the IColumnFilterDescriptor interface instead.

  • You can't directly instantiate a ColumnFilterDescriptor anymore since the class has been made internal. When you access the GridViewColumn.ColumnFilterDescriptor property, it will be automatically created on demand by the column and you will be given an IColumnFilterDescriptor to work with.

    Accessing the ColumnFilterDescriptor of a column

        IColumnFilterDescriptor cfd = myColumnInstance.ColumnFilterDescriptor; 
  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.Column property is now of type GridViewColumn instead of IDataFieldDescriptor.

  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.DistinctFilter property is now of type IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor instead of DistinctValuesFilterDescriptor.

  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.FieldFilter property is now of type IFieldFilterDescriptor instead of FieldFilterDescriptor.

  • The DistinctValuesFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code. Use the IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor interface instead.

  • The FieldFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code. Use the IFieldFilterDescriptor interface instead.

The following examples show some of the changes.

Filtering a Column

// before    
GridViewColumn ageColumn = this.radGridView.Columns["Age"]; 
ColumnFilterDescriptor ageColumnFilter = new ColumnFilterDescriptor(ageColumn);  
ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Operator = FilterOperator.IsLessThan; 
ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Value = 10; 
// after 
GridViewColumn ageColumn = this.radGridView.Columns["Age"];  
IColumnFilterDescriptor ageColumnFilter = ageColumn.ColumnFilterDescriptor; 
ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Operator = FilterOperator.IsLessThan; 
ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Value = 10; 

Clearing All RadGridView Filters

// before 
// after 
foreach (var column in this.radGridView.Columns) 

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