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Use the TextPrimitive class whenever you need to display text as part of rendering a control. Color for the font in the primitive is set by the ForeColor property. TextPrimitive also supplies other properties specific to displaying text, including:

  • Text: The actual text to display.

  • TextAlignment: An enumeration that controls the alignment of the text in the primitive.

  • TextFormatFlags: An enumeration that specifies special formatting such as trimming text and replacing long text with an ellipsis.

  • TextOrientation: An enumeration that specifies vertical or horizontal orientation relative to the primitive's baseline.

  • Shadow: An object that lets you set shadowing color, depth, and thickness.

  • TextRenderingHint: An enumeration defining the text antialiasing.

tpf-primitives-textprimitive 001

Creating a TextPrimitive

public class MyTextPrimitiveElement : RadElement
    protected override void CreateChildElements()
        TextPrimitive textPrimitive = new TextPrimitive();
        textPrimitive.Class = "MyTextPrimtiveClass";
        textPrimitive.Font = new Font("Arial", 9F, FontStyle.Bold);
        textPrimitive.ForeColor = Color.Blue;
        textPrimitive.TextAlignment = ContentAlignment.BottomLeft;
        textPrimitive.TextWrap = true;
        textPrimitive.Shadow =
            new Telerik.WinControls.Paint.ShadowSettings(new Point(2, 2), Color.LightGray);
        textPrimitive.Text = "This is a text primitive example that will be clipped " +
            "according to the TextFormatFlags settings and MaxSize";

Public Class MyTextPrimitiveElement
    Inherits RadElement
    Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildElements()
        Dim textPrimitive As New TextPrimitive()
        textPrimitive.Class = "MyTextPrimtiveClass"
        textPrimitive.Font = New Font("Arial", 9.0F, FontStyle.Bold)
        textPrimitive.ForeColor = Color.Blue
        textPrimitive.TextAlignment = ContentAlignment.BottomLeft
        textPrimitive.TextWrap = True
        textPrimitive.Shadow = New Telerik.WinControls.Paint.ShadowSettings(New Point(2, 2), Color.LightGray)
        textPrimitive.Text = "This is a text primitive example that will be clipped " & "according to the TextFormatFlags settings and MaxSize"
    End Sub
End Class

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