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Touch Support

The Telerik UI for WinForms suite provides full multi-touch support. All controls in the suite are exposing several events which grant the developer the ability to easily handle gestures on a touch devices. This functionality is currently supported under Windows7 or newer. Some of the controls in our suite have built-in functionality that responds to touch gestures. For example, you can use the Pan gesture to scroll through the RadGridView’s rows, group by a column or change the order of its columns. Similar functionality is available out-of-the-box for RadTreeView, RadListView, RadPropertyGrid, RadListControl, RadCarousel and RadCommandBar. Additionally, the developer can use the gesture events to implement his custom logic.

Touch Events in RadControls

To enable or disable a gesture,use the EnableGesture and DisableGesture functions passing a member of the GestureType enumerator. This method should be executed in the constructor of a new control:

  • All

  • Pan

  • Rotate

  • Zoom

  • TwoFingerTap

  • PressAndTap

Cascade layout example

public class MyButton : RadButton

    public MyButton()



Public Class MyButton
    Inherits RadButton
    Public Sub New()
    End Sub
End Class

An explanation of the different gestures can be found in this MSDN article.

You can use the following events to handle gesture events:

  • PanGesture: Fires when the user slides with his finger across the area of the control.

  • ZoomGesture: Fires when the user slides with his two fingers in opposite directions.

  • RotateGesture: Fires when the user slides with his two fingers in a circular direction.

  • TwoFingerTapGesture: Fires when the user taps the screen with his two fingers at the same time.

  • PressAndTapGesture: Fires when the user has pressed the screen with a finger and taps with a second finger.

All these events provide event arguments that inherit from the GestureEventArgs type, hence the share the following properties:

  • IsBegin: Indicates that the gesture is starting.

  • IsEnd: Indicates that the gesture is ending.

  • IsInertia: Indicates that the event is caused by inertia.

  • Location: Indicates the location in control coordinates at which the gesture has occurred.

  • Handled: Indicates if the event has already been handled by some of the elements in the control.

The inheritors of this type also provide gesture-specific arguments like Offset, ZoomFactor, Angle etc.

Touch Events in RadItems

All the above mentioned events are also valid for all RadItems. This means you can use them for different items in RadRibbonBar, RadCommandBar, RadMenu, etc.

Example of Using Touch Events

The following example will demonstrate how we can use this functionality to drag, rotate and resize RadButtonElement within a simple panel:

public class CustomPanel : RadControl
    public class CustomPanelLayout : Telerik.WinControls.Layouts.LayoutPanel
    public CustomPanel()
    CustomPanelLayout m_layout;
    RadButtonElement button;
    protected override void CreateChildItems(RadElement parent)
        m_layout = new CustomPanelLayout();
        button = new RadButtonElement();
        button.AutoSize = false;
        button.Size = new Size(100, 100);
        button.Location = new Point(100, 100);
        button.Text = "RadButtonElement";
        button.PanGesture += new PanGestureEventHandler(button_PanGesture);
        button.ZoomGesture += new ZoomGestureEventHandler(button_ZoomGesture);
        button.RotateGesture += new RotateGestureEventHandler(button_RotateGesture);
    void button_RotateGesture(object sender, RotateGestureEventArgs e)
        button.AngleTransform -= (float)(e.Angle * 180D / Math.PI);
    void button_ZoomGesture(object sender, ZoomGestureEventArgs e)
        button.ScaleTransform = new SizeF(
            (float)(button.ScaleTransform.Width * e.ZoomFactor),
            (float)(button.ScaleTransform.Height * e.ZoomFactor));
    void button_PanGesture(object sender, PanGestureEventArgs e)
        button.Location = new Point(button.Location.X + e.Offset.Width, button.Location.Y + e.Offset.Height);

Public Class CustomPanel
    Inherits RadControl
    Public Class CustomPanelLayout
        Inherits Telerik.WinControls.Layouts.LayoutPanel
    End Class
    Public Sub New()
    End Sub
    Private m_layout As CustomPanelLayout
    Private button As RadButtonElement
    Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildItems(ByVal parent As RadElement)
        m_layout = New CustomPanelLayout()
        button = New RadButtonElement()
        button.AutoSize = False
        button.Size = New Size(100, 100)
        button.Location = New Point(100, 100)
        button.Text = "RadButtonElement"
        AddHandler button.PanGesture, AddressOf button_PanGesture
        AddHandler button.ZoomGesture, AddressOf button_ZoomGesture
        AddHandler button.RotateGesture, AddressOf button_RotateGesture
    End Sub
    Private Sub button_RotateGesture(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RotateGestureEventArgs)
        button.AngleTransform -= CSng(e.Angle * 180.0R / Math.PI)
    End Sub
    Private Sub button_ZoomGesture(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ZoomGestureEventArgs)
        button.ScaleTransform = New SizeF(CSng(button.ScaleTransform.Width * e.ZoomFactor), CSng(button.ScaleTransform.Height * e.ZoomFactor))
    End Sub
    Private Sub button_PanGesture(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As PanGestureEventArgs)
        button.Location = New Point(button.Location.X + e.Offset.Width, button.Location.Y + e.Offset.Height)
    End Sub
End Class

Thanks to the code above, the end-user will be able to do the following operations with his/her fingers:tpf-touch-support 001tpf-touch-support 002tpf-touch-support 003

Similar functionality is also used in the PhotoAlbum demo application

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