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Telerik Presentation Framework Overview

Telerik Presentation Framework Performance Tests
In this video, you will see a live demonstration of just how much performance has increased in the RadControls between the R1, R2, and R3 releases.
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The Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF) offers WPF-like features within classic Windows Forms applications.

  • All controls have access to common services provided by TPF such as theming, animation,¬†and property binding.

  • No matter how complex a control may be, a control is built up from a few simple types of elements. By working with these elements, you can customize any control on a very granular level.

  • All elements in a control element tree inherit common property values from their parent elements unless these values are set locally. This feature¬†helps each element use less memory while still providing fine-grained customization options.

The uniform nature of the control architecture makes it possible to nest controls within each other for more flexible and modern user interfaces.

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