.NET MAUI CollectionView Grouping

The .NET MAUI CollectionView provides you with the functionality to programmatically group its data at runtime. You can programmatically group the data by adding group descriptors to the RadCollectionView.GroupDescriptors collection. To achieve this, use the following descriptors:

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  • PropertyGroupDescriptor—Uses a property from the model as a group key.
  • DelegateGroupDescriptor—Enables you to group by a custom key (for example, some complex expression combining two or more properties) instead of being limited by the value of a single property.

.NET MAUI CollectionView Grouping

Group Header

When a group descriptor is applied, the default group template is visualized. Review the Group Header article to learn more about how to style and customize the group header.

Expand and Collapse Groups

The control supports groups expand and collapse operations through the UI by tapping on the group headers.

Bindable GroupDescriptor

Users can control the GroupDescriptors collection by using MVVM.

Styling the Group Header

Style the group header by setting the following properties:

  • GroupContainerStyle (Style with target type RadCollectionViewGroupItem)—Specifies the style applied to the group header when grouping is applied.

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