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.NET MAUI CollectionView Empty Template

The CollectionView allows you to specify a template that the control will use when the ItemsSource is null or the collection is empty. In this way, you notify the user that no data is available to display.

  • EmptyContentTemplate(DataTemplate)—Defines the content of the view which is shown when in the view has no items.

  • EmptyContentDisplayMode—Defines the modes for displaying empty content. The property has two modes:

    • ItemsSourceNull—Displays the empty content view only when the ItemsSource is null.
    • ItemsSourceNullOrEmpty—Displays the empty content view when ItemsSource is null or when the source is empty (has zero items).

Example: Defining the EmptyTemplate in the CollectionView

1. Define the RadCollectionView in XAML:

<telerik:RadCollectionView x:Name="collectionView"
        <local:ViewModel />
            <Image Source="nodata.png"
                   MaximumWidthRequest="560" />

2. Add the telerik namespace:


This is the result on Android:

.NET MAUI CollectionView Empty Template

For a runnable example demonstrating the CollectionView EmptyTemplate, see the SDKBrowser Demo Application and go to CollectionView > EmptyTemplate category.

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