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Fiddler Jam Overview

Fiddler Jam is a Telerik tool designed to facilitate the information exchange between the support and end-user. It allows the end-user user to easily create a capture log, which can provide a lot of valuable information to the support team:

  • Console logs and errors
  • Network requests
  • Local and Session Storage logs
  • Video recording and screenshots

Installing Fiddler Jam

You can download and install the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension from Chrome Web Store page for Fiddler Jam. More information on how to install the extension, you can find in the Fiddler Jam Extension Installation article.

Capturing a log

Once you have installed the Fiddler Jam browser extension, you can start capturing your issue and send it to the support team.

Detailed capturing instructions are available in Fiddler Jam extension - Recording a log. Below you can see a short video demonstrating the Install and Capture process. In addition, summarized instructions for capturing a log are available after the video.

  1. Navigate to about:blank or an empty page to ensure a clean capture.
  2. Open the Fiddler Jam extension (the default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F).
  3. Configure the options from the Advanced Options button (located above the Start Capture button):
    • Ensure that the Mask Post Data switch is disabled, if reproducing the issue triggers a postback or a POST request.
    • Ensure that the Capture video is enabled. This will provide more details and context in the capture.

      UI for ASP.NET Core Fiddler Jam Settings
  4. Click the Start Capture button.
  5. Navigate to your page (for example, in the same tab. In case you started the capture from your page instead of a blank page, follow the steps below to ensure a proper capture.
    1. Click the address bar.
    2. Press Enter to navigate. > The page refresh must be from navigating to the page, otherwise the browser will use the requests from its cache and will not include them in the capture.
  6. Reproduce or observe the issue.
  7. Once the issue is replicated, open the extension again (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F) and click the Stop Capture button.
  8. Proceed to Submitting a log

Submitting a log

  1. Optional Toggle the Password Protection switch and enter a password. The requirements are: min 8 characters, 1 uppercase leter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number.
  2. Click the Get Link button.
  3. Copy the generated link and share it in the support ticket.

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