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Telerik WordsProcessing Library allows you to create and modify various document formats like DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT, convert from one format to another, and export to PDF. Through the API, you can access each element in the document and modify, remove it or add a new one. The generated content you can save as a stream, as a file, or send it to the client browser.

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The RadWordsProcessing is part of Telerik Document Processing, a professional grade .NET library for creating and manipulating PDF, Word, XLSX and HTML files. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.


If you still don't have Telerik Document Processing installed, check the First Steps topic to learn how you can obtain the packages through the different suites.

For details on the usage of the library, go to the Getting Started article.

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Key Features

  • Create and modify documents from various document formats: DOCX, RTF, HTML, plain text.
  • Convert documents to PDF (export only).
  • Convert between the different formats.
  • Full rich-text capabilities.
  • Font and paragraphs formatting, tables, images, comments, hyperlinks, fields and a lot more are supported.
  • Mail merge: Generate documents using template document and a data set, e.g. "Thank you" letters to all employees.
  • Merge different documents into a single one controlling how their styles should be merged.

The document model of the library provides support for:

Feature Description
Mail Merge Provides ability to produce personalized documents from a template holding fixed content merged with variable data from a data source (database or any other collection of data items).
Merge documents Insert a document into another one at the desired position, controlling the way the styles of both are merged.
Import of document elements Import a document element from one document into another.
Clone Close documents and document elements.
Find and Replace RadWordsProcessing gives you the ability to search for a string in a RadFlowDocument instance and replace all matches. The library also allows you to replace the styling of the matches alone.
RadFlowDocumentEditor It is intended to simplify the process of creating and modifying a document and achieve the same results as you would using the style properties and child collections of the document elements with less amount of code.
Formatting In addition to the styles, RadWordsProcessing provides support for different types of formatting so you can format any of the document elements: - Character formatting: Font size, font color, font name, bold, italic, underline, etc. - Paragraph formatting: Line spacing, alignment, indentation, spacing before and after, etc. - Table formatting: Enables you to change the alignment, borders, shading, spacing and padding, and more. - Modifying the section properties to adjust the page size, orientation, margins, headers and footers, etc.


The model of RadWordsProcessing includes:

  • Sections: You can customize the sections using the properties exposed by the corresponding class. The library provides support for customizing the headers, footers, and watermarks for a section as well.

  • Paragraphs: The properties and methods related to paragraphs enable you to change its collection of inlines and appearance.

  • Tables: An API for inserting, editing and removing tables. You can also change their rows, cells, appearance, and content.

  • Inlines:

    • Runs
    • Images: Including inline and floating images.
    • Fields: Merge fields, Document Variables and custom code fields, enabling you to insert any fields using its code representation.
    • Breaks: Support for different types of breaks, so you can achieve the desired layout.
    • Bookmarks: Inserting, modifying and removing bookmarks.
    • Hyperlinks: You can work with hyperlinks pointing to a website or to a bookmark inside the document.
    • Tab stops: Working with a tab stops collection for each paragraph.
  • Styles

    • The document model includes a repository of Style objects which contain sets of character, paragraph or table style properties.
    • The API allows you create custom styles and use them throughout the document.
    • List styles.
  • Content Controls: Content controls or Structured Document Tags (SDT) enable users to add specific semantics to part of the document: restricting input, modifying editing behavior etc. This functionality allows adding of checkboxes, combo boxes and other controls to the document as well.

  • Shapes: Their variation in shape and style makes them very useful for drawing attention to specific text.

Supported formats:

The library comes with support for the following document formats:

You can import and export documents of these formats as well as convert the format of the document.

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