QRCode HtmlHelper Overview

The QRCode HtmlHelper extension is a server-side wrapper for the Kendo UI QRCode widget.


  1. Add a QRCode.

            .Name("qrMail") //The name of the QRcode is mandatory. It specifies the "id" attribute of the widget.
            .Value("mailto:clientservice@telerik.com") // Set the value of the QRCode.
  2. Choose the appropriate correction level and/or encoding.



Existing Instances

To reference an existing Kendo UI QRCode instance, use the jQuery.data() configuration option. Once a reference is established, use the QRCode API to control its behavior.

//Put this after your Kendo UI QRCode for ASP.NET MVC declaration.
    $(function() {
        //Notice that the Name() of the QRCode is used to get its client-side instance.
        var qrcode = $("#qrcode").data("kendoQRCode");

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