ASP.NET Core Form Overview

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The Form is part of Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, a professional grade UI library with 110+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

The Telerik UI Form TagHelper and HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core are server-side wrappers for the Kendo UI Form widget.

The Telerik UI Form for ASP.NET Core allows you to generate and manage forms. Through a variety of configuration options, it makes creating and customizing forms a seamless experience. Achieve the desired form appearance by using default or custom editors, choose layout and orientation, display the editors in groups and columns, and configure validation.

Initializing the Form

The following example demonstrates how to define the Form.

        .HtmlAttributes(new { action = "Index", method = "POST" })
        .Validatable(v =>
            v.ValidationSummary(vs => vs.Enable(true));
        .Items(items =>
                .Label("Registration Form")
                .Items(i =>
                        .Field(f => f.FirstName)
                        .Label(l => l.Text("First Name:"));
                        .Field(f => f.LastName)
                        .Label(l => l.Text("Last Name:"));

    @model Kendo.Mvc.Examples.Models.Form.UserViewModel

    <kendo-form name="form" form-data="@Model" method="POST" asp-controller="Form" asp-action="Tag_Helper">
        <validatable validate-on-blur="true" validation-summary="true" />
            <form-item type="group">
                <item-label text="Registration Form" />
                    <form-item field="FirstName">
                        <item-label text="First Name:" />
                    <form-item field="LastName">
                        <item-label text="Last Name:" />

Functionality and Features

Feature Description
Items The configuration of the Form Items allows you to customize their appearance and behavior.
Layout You can choose between the default and Grid layout.
Groups The Form allows you to group the input fields in logical sections.
Orientation You can choose between a vertical or horizontal orientation of the labels in the Form.
Validation The Form has a built-in validator to enable seamless client-side validaiton.
Accessibility The Form is accessible by screen readers and provides WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.2 support.
Hidden Fields You can hide certain fields like the ID.

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