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Telerik PdfProcessing Library enables code-only generation, import, and export of PDF documents with text blocks, images, forms, tables, shapes, and more. The library supports flow-like editing as well as great control over native PDF elements. You can use RadPdfProcessing in any web or desktop .NET application without relying on third-party software like Adobe Acrobat.

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The RadPdfProcessing is part of Telerik Document Processing, a professional grade .NET library for creating and manipulating PDF, Word, XLSX and HTML files. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.


In this article, we list the library's most popular features. If you want to learn how to use the library, head straight to the Getting Started with RadPdfProcessing article.

If you still don't have Telerik Document Processing installed, check the First Steps topic to learn how to obtain the packages through the different suites with Telerik controls.

The API of RadPdfProcessing contains two different editors, RadFixedDocumentEditor and FixedContentEditor, enabling you to choose between editing in a flow-like manner or using the much more powerful and flexible fixed document structure that allows you to draw on the page.

Key Features

  • Generate PDF documents from scratch.
  • Edit existing documents - delete headers/footers or watermarks, change images and colors.
  • Add content to existing document: all features of the existing PDF document are preserved, and just some content is added.
  • Merge document pages: Combine pages from different documents into a single document.
  • Interactive forms
    • Automatic filling of forms (e.g. tax forms).
    • Automatic extraction of data from already filled forms.
  • Digital signatures
    • Signing a document with digital signature.
    • Validate digital signature of already signed document.

The document model of the library provides support for:

Feature Description
Pages Adding, modifying or removing of pages in a document. The properties enable you to change the size of the page, its rotation, and more.
Automatic layout Although the PDF format is fixed, sometimes you will need to insert the content in a way that flows on the page. RadPdfProcessing enables to achieve this easily by using blocks, tables and lists.
Images Decoded on demand to achieve better performance. The API enables you to obtain the encoded image data. You can also control the image quality when saving the document.
Geometries Enable you to describe the geometry of a 2D shape.
Form XObjects The Form XObjects enables you to describe composite objects (consisting of text, images, vector elements, etc.) within a PDF file and reuse this content among the document, for smaller document size and better rendering performance.
Interactive Forms Create and modify PDF files containing textboxes, buttons, list boxes, and other interactive controls making available for the PDF file user to interactively fill some data in the PDF document and/or digitally sign the filled document. You can flatten the fields as well.
Digital Signature The digital signature feature enables you to sign and validate PDF documents (limited supported in .NET Standard).
Embedded File Streams The embed a file stream feature allows adding external files to the PDF document.
Clipping You can define the outline of other content elements like images and paths.
Bookmarks (Outlines) Add, remove or modify the bookmarks in a PDF document.
Annotations Associate an object with a location on a page of the PDF document.
Destinations Defines a particular view of a document.
Colors and Color Spaces Support for different types of both.
Fonts Support for the standard PDF fonts, Type0, Type1, Type 3, CIDFontType2, TrueType and more.
Text and Graphic properties Provide options for changing the properties of the different elements in the document elements so you can achieve a unique look.
Password Protection Support for documents encrypted with Encryption Algorithm 4 (RC4/AES-128) and Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES 256
Merge documents and document pages You can combine the pages from multiple documents into a single document.
PdfStreamWriter The API exposes a functionality that provides an option for exporting PDF files with unmatched performance and minimized memory footprint. Extremely useful when you need to add some content to an existing document, merge or split documents.
Import of PDF and export to PDF or plain text You can import or export PDF files and convert PDF files to plain text.

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