ASP.NET Core MultiViewCalendar Overview

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The MultiViewCalendar is part of Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, a professional grade UI library with 110+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

The Telerik UI MultiViewCalendar TagHelper and HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core are server-side wrappers for the Kendo UI MultiViewCalendar widget.

The MultiViewCalendar renders a graphical Gregorian calendar with multiple horizontal views.

Initializing the MultiViewCalendar

  1. Make sure you followed all the steps from the introductory article on Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core.
  2. Create a new action method which renders the view.

        public ActionResult Index()
            return View();
  3. Add a MultiViewCalendar.

                .Name("MultiViewCalendar") // The name of the MultiViewCalendar is mandatory. It specifies the "id" attribute of the widget.
                .Min(new DateTime(2010, 1, 1, 10, 0, 0)) // Set the min time of the MultiViewCalendar.
                .Max(new DateTime(2010, 1, 1, 20, 0, 0)) // Set the min date of the MultiViewCalendar.
                .Value(DateTime.Now) // Set the value of the MultiViewCalendar.
              <kendo-multiviewcalendar name="multiviewcalendar"
                                       min="new DateTime(2010, 1, 1, 10, 0, 0)"
                                       max="new DateTime(2010, 1, 1, 20, 0, 0)"

Functionality and Features

  • Active view—You can select one of the predefined Views of the MultiViewCalendar.
  • Multiple views—The MultiViewCalendar allows you to define the number of views and months that are displayed at a time.
  • Selection—The component allows you to select multiple dates by using the multiple-view selection mode.
  • Day template—The MultiViewCalendar enables you to customize the rendered day for the month view.
  • Disable dates—The MultiViewCalendar allows you to disable certain days which are not intended to be selected by the end user such as weekends, national holidays, and others.
  • Week column—You can choose to render a column which displays the number of the weeks within the current month view.
  • Keyboard navigation—The keyboard navigation of the MultiViewCalendar is always available.

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