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The TreeView is converted to RadTreeView. The following tables describe which properties, methods and events are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
BorderStyle Removed
ContextMenuStrip Produces Error
DrawMode Removed
Indent Replaced with TreeIndent
LabelEdit Replaced with AllowEdit
RightToLeftLayout Removed
SelectedImageKey Removed
SelectedImageIndex Removed
ShowPlusMinus Replaced with ShowExpandCollapse
Scrollable Removed
StateImageList Removed
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
HitTest(Point pt) Produces Error
Sort() Produces Error
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
AfterCheck Replaced with NodeCheckedChanged
AfterCollapse Replaced with NodeExpandedChanged
AfterExpand Replaced with NodeExpandedChanged
AfterLabelEdit Replaced with Edited
AfterSelect Replaced with SelectedNodeChanged
BeforeCheck Replaced with NodeCheckedChanging
BeforeCollapse Replaced with NodeExpandedChanging
BeforeExpand Replaced with NodeExpandedChanging
BeforeLabelEdit Replaced with Editing
BeforeSelect Replaced with SelectedNodeChanging
DrawNode Produces Error
ItemDrag Replaced with ItemDrag
NodeMouseHover Replaced with NodeMouseHover
NodeMouseClick Replaced with NodeMouseClick
NodeMouseDoubleClick Replaced with NodeMouseDoubleClick
RightToLeftLayoutChanged Removed


Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
Bounds Removed
NodeFont Removed
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