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The PropertyGrid in your application will be converted to RadPropertyGrid. The following tables describe which properties, methods and events are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
CategoryForeColor Removed
CommandsBackColor Removed
CommandsDisabledLinkColor Removed
CommandsForeColor Removed
CommandsLinkColor Removed
LineColor Removed
HelpBackColor Removed
HelpForeColor Removed
ViewBackColor Removed
ViewForeColor Removed
LargeButtons Removed
CommandsVisibleIfAvailable Removed
PropertySort Removed
ToolbarVisible Removed
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
RefreshTabs Produces Error
PerformAutoScale Removed
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
PropertyTabChanged Produces Error
PropertySortChanged Produces Error
SelectedObjectsChanged Produces Error
PropertyValueChanged Produces Error
SelectedGridItemChanged Produces Error

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