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WinForms Converter

This tool allows you to convert the standard .NET Windows Forms controls for all projects in a particular solution to their equivalent in Telerik UI for WinForms. It aims to speed up the conversion process and save time when such projects are modernized. The tool is built on top of the Roslyn compiler platform.

Figure 1: Sample application converted to use the Telerik controls.


Here are the main capabilities:

  • Large number of supported controls - complete list of the converted controls is available here: Supported Controls. You can chose which controls to convert as well.

  • Real-Time differences - after the project is converted you can view the differences in Visual Studio.

  • Auto BackUp Support - by default, the tool creates a project backup. You can find it in the project folder.

  • Conversion Log - Conversion log is created when the process is completed. It contains a complete list of all converted files.

  • Convert to a specific version - you can choose to which version of Telerik UI for WinForms you want to convert.

  • Visual Basic and C# projects are supported.

Before proceeding further, make sure that you meet the Requirements for the Converter Tool.

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