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The MonthCalendar control in your application will be converted to RadCalendar. The following tables describe which properties and methods are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
CalendarDimensions Produces Error
FirstDayOfWeek Replaced Telerik.WinControls.UI.FirstDayOfWeek
MaxSelectionCount Removed
MinDate Replaced RangeMinDate
MaxDate Replaced RangeMaxDate
MonthlyBoldedDates Produces Error
RightToLeftLayout Removed
ScrollChange Replaced FastNavigationStep
SelectionRange Produces Error
ShowToday Replaced ShowFooter
ShowTodayCircle Removed
ShowWeekNumbers Replaced ShowRowHeaders
TitleBackColor Removed
TitleForeColor Removed
TodayDate Removed
TrailingForeColor Removed
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
AddAnnuallyBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
AddBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
AddMonthlyBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
HitTest(System.Drawing.Point point) Produces Error
GetDisplayRange(true) Produces Error
RemoveAllAnnuallyBoldedDates() Produces Error
RemoveAllBoldedDates() Produces Error
RemoveAllMonthlyBoldedDates() Produces Error
RemoveAnnuallyBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
RemoveBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
RemoveMonthlyBoldedDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error
SetCalendarDimensions(int x, int y) Produces Error The following properties need to be set: AllowMultipleView, MultiViewColumns and MultiViewRows
SetDate(System.DateTime date) Produces Error In order to set the date, you can set the FocusedDate property
SetSelectionRange(System.DateTime date1, System.DateTime date2) Produces Error
UpdateBoldedDates() Produces Error
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
RightToLeftLayoutChanged Produces Error
DateChanged Produces Error
DateSelected Produces Error
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