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The ListBox is converted to RadListControl. The following tables describe which properties, methods and events are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
DrawMode Removed
BorderStyle Removed
UseTabStops Removed
ColumnWidth Removed
Sorted Replaced SortStyle = SortStyle.Ascending
MultiColumn Removed
ScrollAlwaysVisible Removed
HorizontalExtent Removed
HorizontalScrollbar Removed
IntegralHeight Removed
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
GetItemHeight() Produces Error
GetItemRectangle() Produces Error
GetItemText() Produces Error
GetSelected() Produces Error
ClearSelected() Produces Error
SetSelected() Produces Error
IndexFromPoint() Produces Error
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
DataSourceChanged Produces Error
DisplayMemberChanged Produces Error
ValueMemberChanged Produces Error
DrawItem Produces Error
MeasureItem Produces Error
Format Produces Error
FormatStringChanged Produces Error
FormattingEnabledChanged Produces Error

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