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The TabControl control in your application will be converted to RadPageView. The following tables describe which properties and methods are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
Alignment Produces Error
Appearance Removed
DrawMode Removed
HotTrack Removed
Multiline Produces Error
Padding Produces Error
RightToLeftLayout Removed
ShowToolTips Replaced ShowItemToolTips
SizeMode Replaced ItemSizeMode
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
DeselectTab() Produces Error
GetTabRect() Produces Error
GetControl() Produces Error
SelectTab() Produces Error
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
DrawItem Produces Error
Deselecting Replaced SelectedPageChanging
Deselected Replaced SelectedPageChanged
RightToLeftLayoutChanged Produces Error
Selecting Replaced SelectedPageChanging
Selected Replaced SelectedPageChanged


Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
ImageIndex Produces Error
ImageKey Produces Error
UseVisualStyleBackColor Removed
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