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The CheckedListBox control in your application will be converted to RadCheckedListBox. The following tables describe which properties and methods are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
BorderStyle Removed
CheckOnClick Replaced CheckOnClickMode
ColumnWidth Produces Error
FormatString Produces Error
FormattingEnabled Removed
HorizontalExtent Removed
HorizontalScrollbar Replaced HorizontalScrollState
IntegralHeight Removed
MultiColumn Produces Error
ThreeDCheckBoxes Removed
Sorted Produces Error
Replaced VerticalScrollState
UseTabStops Removed
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
Format Produces Error
FormatStringChanged Produces Error
FormattingEnabledChanged Produces Error
ItemCheck Replaced ItemCheckedChanged
SelectedValueChanged Produces Error
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
ClearSelected() Replaced SelectedItems.Clear()
FindString(string s) Produces Error
FindStringExact(string s Produces Error
IndexFromPoint(Point p) Produces Error
GetItemChecked(int index) Produces Error
GetItemCheckState(int index) Produces Error Items[2].CheckState
GetSelected(int index) Produces Error
GetItemText(object item) Produces Error
GetItemHeight(int index) Produces Error
GetItemRectangle(int index) Produces Error
SetItemChecked(int index, bool value) Produces Error
SetItemCheckState(int index, CheckState value) Produces Error
SetSelected(int index, bool value) Produces Error
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