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The ComboBox is converted to RadDropDownList. The following tables describe which properties, methods and events are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
Sorted Replaced SortStyle = SortStyle.Ascending
ComboBoxStyle.Simple Replaced RadDropDownStyle.DropDown
ComboBoxStyle.DropDown Replaced RadDropDownStyle.DropDown
ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList Replaced RadDropDownStyle.DropDownList
ItemHeight Replaced DropDownListElement.ItemHeight
IntegralHeight Removed
FlatStyle Removed
DropDownWidth Replaced DropDownListElement.DropDownWidth
DrawMode Removed
AutoCompleteCustomSource Removed
AutoCompleteSource Produces Error
Methods Action RadControls Equivalent
GetItemText(index) Produces Error Items[index].Text
GetItemHeight(index) Produces Error
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
DropDown Replaced PopupOpened
DropDownClosed Replaced PopupClosed
DataSourceChanged Produces Error
ValueMemberChanged Produces Error
DrawItem Produces Error
MeasureItem Produces Error
DropDownStyleChanged Produces Error
FormatInfoChanged Produces Error
FormatStringChanged Produces Error
FormattingEnabledChanged Produces Error
TextUpdate Produces Error
SelectionChangeCommitted Produces Error

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