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The RadioButton is converted to RadRadioButton. The following tables describe which properties, methods and events are removed and which are replaced with similar equivalents.

Properties Action RadControls Equivalent
Appearance Produces Error
AutoCheck Produces Error
AutoEllipsis Replaced ButtonElement.TextElement.AutoEllipsis
AutoSize Different default value
CheckAlign Replaced RadioCheckAlignment
Checked Replaced IsChecked
FlatAppearance.BorderColor Removed
FlatAppearance.BorderSize Removed
FlatAppearance.CheckedBackColor Removed
FlatAppearance.MouseDownBackColor Removed
FlatAppearance.MouseOverBackColor Removed
FlatStyle Removed
ImageAlign Replaced ImageAlignment
TextAlign Replaced TextAlignment
UseVisualStyleBackColor Removed
Events Action RadControls Equivalent
AppearanceChanged Produces Error
CheckedChanged Replaced CheckStateChanged

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