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RadProperty encapsulates properties used in RadObject and supports dependency properties. Each RadProperty has a name, type, owner and metadata, i.e. information about the property. Each RadProperty has mechanisms for synchronizing with other properties in the system and for validating itself.

The RadProperty AddOwner method associates the owner's type and potentially merges the owners metadata.

The static RadProperty Register method creates an instance of a RadProperty and is used to make the property known to TPF. Typically the property is then wrapped in a standard CLR style property as a convenience. In the wrapper property, RadObject methods GetValue and SetValue communicate with TPF. The example below shows a "phone" property being registered, and then being wrapped as a standard CLR string property. Note: The standard naming convention for dependency properties is + "Property".

public static RadProperty PhoneProperty = RadProperty.Register(
    new RadElementPropertyMetadata("", ElementPropertyOptions.None));
public string Phone
        return (string)this.GetValue(PhoneProperty);
        this.SetValue(PhoneProperty, value);

Public Shared PhoneProperty As RadProperty = RadProperty.Register("Phone", GetType(String), GetType(BusinessCardElement), New RadElementPropertyMetadata("", ElementPropertyOptions.None))
Public Property Phone() As String
        Return DirectCast(Me.GetValue(PhoneProperty), String)
    End Get
    Set(value As String)
        Me.SetValue(PhoneProperty, value)
    End Set
End Property

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