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RadPropertyMetadata describes a property and separates the information about a property from the property itself. In this way meta data can be overridden without overriding the implementation of existing properties or creating new properties.

Optionally RadPropertyMetadata can have handlers for property changes and property value validation. RadPropertyMetadata has mechanisms to automatically notify a property owner when specific properties change. Metadata associated with a property is passed in the Register method and is extensible. For example the RadElement AngleTransformProperty has metadata that mark this property as affecting layout.

public static RadProperty AngleTransformProperty =
    RadProperty.Register("AngleTransform", typeof(float), typeof(RadElement),
    new RadElementPropertyMetadata(0f, 
        | ElementPropertyOptions.InvalidatesLayout
        | ElementPropertyOptions.AffectsMeasure));

Public Shared AngleTransformProperty As RadProperty = RadProperty.Register("AngleTransform", GetType(Single), GetType(RadElement), New RadElementPropertyMetadata(0.0F, ElementPropertyOptions.AffectsLayout Or ElementPropertyOptions.InvalidatesLayout Or ElementPropertyOptions.AffectsMeasure))

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