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BasePrimitive is a VisualElement descendant that implements the IPrimitive interface. IPrimitive adds a single boolean property ShouldPaint and a PaintPrimitive method that draws a primitive to the screen. Descendants of BasePrimitive override the PaintPrimitive method to represent some atomic visual component like text, fill, checkbox, arrows, etc. The following code is a sample PaintPrimitive method implementation for the TextPrimitive class:

public override void PaintPrimitive(IGraphics graphics, float angle, SizeF scale)
    Rectangle rect = this.BoundingRectangle;

        graphics.DrawString(this.Text, rect, this.Font, this.ForeColor, this.TextAlignment, this.CreateStringFormat(),
        this.Shadow, this.TextRenderingHint, this.TextOrientation, this.FlipText);

Public Overrides Sub PaintPrimitive(graphics As IGraphics, angle As Single, scale As SizeF)
    Dim rect As Rectangle = Me.BoundingRectangle
    graphics.DrawString(Me.Text, rect, Me.Font, Me.ForeColor, Me.TextAlignment, Me.CreateStringFormat(), _
        Me.Shadow, Me.TextRenderingHint, Me.TextOrientation, Me.FlipText)
End Sub

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