Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Scheduler control allows you to display appointments by setting its AppointmentsSource property. AppointmentsSource accepts a collection of Appointment objects. Each Appointment defines the following properties:

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  • Start—Defines the value determining the start date and time of the аppointment.
  • End—Defines the value that determining the end date and time of the appointment.
  • Subject—Defines the value that indicates the subject of the appointment
  • IsAllDay—Indicates whether the appointment will take all day.
  • RecurrenceRule—Defines basic properties of the recurrence rule of the appointment, for more details go to Recurrence topic.

Here is a quick example on how you can create Appointments collection and bind it to the AppointmentsSource property of RadScheduler.

1. First, create a ViewModel class and add "Appointments" collection inside it:

public class ViewModel
    public ViewModel()
        var date = DateTime.Today;
        this.Appointments = new ObservableCollection<Appointment>
            new Appointment {
                Subject = "Meeting with Tom",
                Start = date.AddHours(10),
                End = date.AddHours(11)
            new Appointment {
                Subject = "Lunch with Sara",
                Start = date.AddHours(12).AddMinutes(30),
                End = date.AddHours(14)
            new Appointment {
                Subject = "Elle Birthday",
                Start = date,
                End = date.AddHours(11),
                IsAllDay = true
            new Appointment {
                Subject = "Football Game",
                Start = date.AddDays(2).AddHours(15),
                End = date.AddDays(2).AddHours(17)

    public ObservableCollection<Appointment> Appointments { get; set; }

2. Add the RadScheduler definition to the page:

<telerik:RadScheduler x:Name="scheduler" AppointmentsSource="{Binding Appointments}">
        <telerik:WeekViewDefinition />
        <telerik:WeekViewDefinition Title="Work Week" IsWeekendVisible="False" />
        <telerik:MultidayViewDefinition VisibleDays="3" Title="3 Day" />
        <telerik:MonthViewDefinition />
        <telerik:DayViewDefinition />

3. The last step is to set the ViewModel as a BindingContext:

this.BindingContext = new ViewModel();

The image below shows the appointments in WeekView:

Telerik .NET MAUI Scheduler AppointmentsSource

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