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Current Time Indicator

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Scheduler control provides the option to visually mark the current time in the time ruler and across the appointments area through the views' IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible property.

  • IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible(bool)—Indicates whether the current time indicator is visible across the active view.

Disable the CurrentTimeIndicator

Current Time Indicator is enabled by default, you can hide it by setting IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible of the corresponding view to False:

<telerik:RadScheduler x:Name="scheduler" ActiveViewDefinitionIndex="2">
        <telerik:WeekViewDefinition IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible="False" />
        <telerik:MultidayViewDefinition IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible="False" VisibleDays="3" Title="3 Day" />
        <telerik:DayViewDefinition IsCurrentTimeIndicatorVisible="True" />

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