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.NET MAUI DataForm Boolean Editors

You can use the following Boolean Editors the DataForm provides:

  • DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor —of type RadCheckBox. Using the IsThreeState porperty of type bool? you can specify whether the CheckBox editor will have three states - true, false, indeterminate.
  • DataFormSwitchEditor—of type .NET MAUI Switch.

Other properties that are common for all editors are listed in the Editors Overview article.


You can easily style the editors using the properties BackgroundColor, BorderColor and BorderThickness. You can additionally style each editor by applying a style with the same target type as the underlying control.

Example with DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor

<telerik:DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor PropertyName="Visited"
                                   HeaderText="Visited before"
                                   EditorStyle="{StaticResource CheckBoxStyle}" />

Define the CheckBoxStyle for the RadCheckBox editor

<Style x:Key="CheckBoxStyle" TargetType="telerik:RadCheckBox">
    <Setter Property="CheckedColor" Value="DarkSeaGreen" />
    <Setter Property="UncheckedColor" Value="Orange" />

For more information about how to style the editors, review the Editors Styling article.

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