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.NET MAUI DataForm Commit Data

The values entered in the DataForm can be submitted to the underlying data object on three different occasions, using the CommitMode property of the DataForm.

RadDataForm Overview

The next sections list all DataForm members related to commit data feature.

Commit modes

The selected mode is applied through CommitMode(of typeTelerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormCommitMode) property of the DataForm control. You could choose between three commit modes:

  • Explicit—The changes are committed explicitly by invoking the CommitCommand or calling the CommitChanges method of the DataForm.
  • LostFocus—The changes are committed after the editor loses focus.
  • PropertyChanged—The changes in the editor are committed immediately on each property change (when the property value changes).

The CommitMode can be applied globally to the RadDataForm

<telerik:RadDataForm x:Name="dataForm"

or to each editor.

<telerik:RadDataForm x:Name="dataForm" AutoGenerateItems="False">
    <telerik:DataFormTextEntry PropertyName="FirstName" HeaderText="Name" CommitMode="LostFocus"/>
    <telerik:DataFormNumericEditor PropertyName="People" HeaderText="People" Minimum="1" CommitMode="PropertyChanged"/>


  • CommitChanges— Commits all pending changes in the RadDataForm to the underlying business object. This method is mostly useful when the CommitMode is set to `Explicit. The method returns true if the validation passes, otherwise false.

  • CancelChanges—Cancels all pending changes in the RadDataForm and reverts to the original values from the underlying business object. This method is mostly useful when the CommitMode property is set Explicit.


  • CommitCommand(ICommand)—Gets a command to a command to commit all pending changes in the RadDataForm. This command is mostly useful when the DataForm CommitMode property is set to Explicit.

All commit methods call validation first. If the property value passes validation, then the corresponding validation finished event is raised and the value is committed successfully.

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