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Migrate from Xamarin.Forms DataForm to .NET MAUI DataForm

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataForm control has been designed and built from the ground up as a new control with a new API and significant improvements over its Xamarin counterpart.

The tables in the following sections list the differences between the APIs of the Xamarin.Forms DataForm and .NET MAUI DataForm.

Migrate the Namespaces

Control Control name XAML Namespcace C# Namespace
Xamarin DataForm RadDataForm xmlns:telerikInput="clr-namespace:Telerik.XamarinForms.Input;assembly=Telerik.XamarinForms.Input" using Telerik.XamarinForms.Input;
.NET MAUI DataForm RadDataForm xmlns:telerik="" using Telerik.Maui.Controls;

API Changes

Compared API changes in Xamarin.Forms DataForm and .NET MAUI DataForm are described in the table below:

Xamarin DataForm .NET MAUI DataForm
Source gets the data directly from the set BindingContext
Telerik.XamarinForms.Common.DataAnnotations System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DataAnnotations
RegisterEditor EditorGenerated
EditorValueChanged EditorValueChanged
N/A GroupGenerated
N/A HasPendingChanges
N/A HasValidationErrors
Validation modes - Immediate, OnLostFocus, Manual Validation modes - PropertyChanged(immediate), LostFocus, Explicit(manual)
ValidateAll ValidateChanges
ValidateProperty ValidateChanges(string propertyName)
FormValidationCompleted ValidationCompleted
PropertyValidationCompleted EditorValidationCompleted
Commit modes - Immediate, OnLostFocus, Manual Commit modes - PropertyChanged(immediate), LostFocus, Explicit(manual)
CommitAll CommitChanges
CommitProperty CommitChanges(string propertyName)
N/A CancelChanges
N/A CancelChanges(string propertyName)
N/A ValidateCommand
N/A CancelCommand
N/A CommitCommand
DataFormGroupStackLayoutDefinition DataFormVerticalStackLayout
DataFormGroupGridLayoutDefinition DataFormGridLayout
N/A DataFormCustomLayout


Telerik Xamarin.Forms DataForm control uses native editors while in the .NET MAUI DataForm editors the main controls used are from Telerik .NET MAUI and .NET MAUI.

Compared editors are displayed in the table below:

Xamarin DataForm .NET MAUI DataForm
TextEditor DataFormRadEntryEditor
SliderEditor You can define a custom editor with a Slider control in it
PickerEditor DataFormRadComboBoxEditor or DataFormRadListPickerEditor
N/A DataFormRadEntryPasswordEditor
N/A DataFormRadTextMaskedEditor
N/A DataFormRadNumericMaskedEditor
N/A DataFormRadEmailMaskedEditor
N/A DataFormRadRegexMaskedEditor
IntegerEditor DataFormRadNumericEditor
DecimalEditor DataFormRadNumericEditor
NumberPickerEditor You can define a DataFormRadComboBoxEditor, DataFormRadListPickerEditor, or a custom editor
CheckBoxEditor DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor
ToggleButtonEditor DataFormSwitchEditor
SegmentedEditor DataFormRadSegmentedEditor
DateEditor DataFormRadDatePickerEditor, DataFormDatePickerEditor
TimeEditor DataFormRadTimePickerEditor, DataFormTimePickerEditor
N/A RadDateTimePickerEditor
CustomEditor CustomEditor

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