.NET MAUI DataForm Editors

The Telerik DataFrom control supports built-in editors.

The table below describes the available editors which use the Telerik .NET MAUI controls:

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Editor name Type Input control
DataFormRadEntryEditor string Telerik .NET MAUI RadEntry
DataFormRadEntryPasswordEditor string Telerik .NET MAUI RadEntry
DataFormRadTextMaskedEditor string Telerik .NET MAUI RadTextMaskedEntry
DataFormRadNumericMaskedEditor object Telerik .NET MAUI RadNumericMaskedEntry
DataFormRadEmailMaskedEditor string Telerik .NET MAUI RadEmailMaskedEntry
DataFormRadRegexMaskedEditor string Telerik .NET MAUI RadRegexMaskedEntry
DataFormRadNumericEditor double? Telerik .NET MAUI RadNumericInput
DataFormRadDatePickerEditor DateTime? Telerik .NET MAUI RadDatePicker
DataFormRadDateTimePickerEditor DateTime? Telerik .NET MAUI RadDateTimePicker
DataFormRadTimePickerEditor TimeSpan? Telerik .NET MAUI RadTimePicker
DataFormRadTimeSpanPickerEditor TimeSpan? Telerik .NET MAUI RadTimeSpanPicker
DataFormRadListPickerEditor enum Telerik .NET MAUI RadListPicker
DataFormRadComboBoxEditor enum Telerik .NET MAUI RadComboBox
DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor bool? Telerik .NET MAUI RadCheckBox
DataFormRadSegmentedEditor enum Telerik .NET MAUI RadSegmentedControl

The table below describes the available editors which use the .NET MAUI controls:

Editor name Type Input control
DataFormMultiLineEditor string .NET MAUI Editor
DataFormDatePickerEditor DateTime? .NET MAUI DatePicker
DataFormTimePickerEditor TimeSpan? .NET MAUI TimePicker
DataFormSwitchEditor bool .NET MAUI Switch

Common Properties

  • Placeholder(string)—Specifies the placeholder value to display, when there is no input in the editor.
  • PropertyName(string)—Specifies the name of the property from the business object this editor is bound to.
  • PropertyValue(object)—Defines the value of the property from the business object this editor is bound to.
  • EditorValue(object)—Specifies the current edited value, before applying it to the business object.
  • IsReadOnly(bool?)—Specifies whether the current editor is in a read-only mode.
  • ValidationMode(Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormValidationMode)—Defines the current validation mode of the DataForm editor.
  • CommitMode(Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormCommitMode)—Specifies the current commit mode of the DataForm editor.
  • ColumnSpacing(double)—Specifies the horizontal spacing between the rows in the editor.
  • RowSpacing(double)—Specifies the vertical spacing between the rows in the editor.
  • ErrorDisplayOptions(Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormErrorDisplayOptions?)—Specifies the display options of the header.
  • ErrorLength(Microsoft.Maui.GridLength)—Specifies the length of the error in the editor. This property has an effect only when the Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormEditor.ErrorPosition property is set to Beside.
  • ErrorPosition(Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataFormErrorPosition?)—Specifies the error position in the editor.
  • ErrorImageSource(Telerik.Maui.Controls.ImageSource)—Specifies the image source of the error icon.

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