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Getting Started with .NET MAUI ComboBox

This guide provides the information you need to start using the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI ComboBox by adding the control to your project.

At the end, you will be able to achieve the following result.

ComboBox Getting Started


Before adding the ComboBox, you need to:

  1. Set up your .NET MAUI application.

  2. Download Telerik UI for .NET MAUI.

  3. Install Telerik UI for .NET MAUI.

  4. Register Required Handlers.

Define the Control

When your .NET MAUI application is setup, you are ready to add a ComboBox control to your page. The following example demonstrates the definition of the RadComboBox with ItemsSource set to a static collection as well as bound to property from a ViewModel class.

Using static data

<telerik:RadComboBox AutomationId="staticItemsComboBox">
        <x:Array Type="{x:Type x:String}">
            <x:String>United Kingdom</x:String>

Here is the result:

ComboBox Getting Started

Binding to a complex object

Here is the ComboBox definition in XAML:

<telerik:RadComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Items}" 

When binding to a complex objects, ComboBox DisplayMemberPath property should be set.

the sample business model

public class City
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public int Population { get; set; }

and the ViewModel used:

public class ViewModel
    public ViewModel()
        this.Items = new ObservableCollection<City>
            new City { Name = "Tokyo", Population = 13929286 },
            new City { Name = "New York", Population = 8623000 },
            new City { Name = "London", Population = 8908081 },
            new City { Name = "Madrid", Population = 3223334 },
            new City { Name = "Los Angeles", Population = 4000000},
            new City { Name = "Paris", Population = 2141000 },
            new City { Name = "Beijing", Population = 21540000 },
            new City { Name = "Singapore", Population = 5612000 },
            new City { Name = "New Delhi", Population = 18980000 },
            new City { Name = "Bangkok", Population = 8305218 },
            new City { Name = "Berlin", Population = 3748000 },

    public ObservableCollection<City> Items { get; set; }

Here is the result:

ComboBox Binding

For the ComboBox Getting Started example refer to the SDKBrowser Demo Application.

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