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Current Item Support

RadListView supports a notation for a current item.

The CurrentItem property is synchronized with the SelectedItem of RadListView. In case ICollectionView is used as the ItemsSource of the control, the CurrentItem is syncrhonized with the same property of the collection view instance.

The CurrentItem property of RadListView gives access to the current item in the collection.

To disable the auto-synchronization between CurrentItem and SelectedItem, set the IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property of RadListView.

To ensure that the current item will be scrolled into the viewport, set the EnsureCurrentItemIntoView property.

Example 1: Current item related settings

<telerikData:RadListView IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True"  
The CurrentItem can be changed programmatically with the MoveCurrentTo method of RadListView.

Example 2: Moving current item

object newCurrentItem = myListViewItemsSource[0]; 
Changes in the CurrentItem are reported with the CurrentItemChanging and CurrentItemChanged events which are fired just before and after the current item update.
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