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Visual Studio Extension

Progress Telerik UI for WinUI Extension aim to help developers when creating an application with Telerik UI for WinUI.

The extenion allows you to easily create a new WinUI project along with referenced Telerik assemblies.

Progress Telerik UI for WinUI Extension is distributed with the Telerik UI for WinUI installer.

The extension can be accessed through the Extensions | Telerik | Telerik UI for WinUI menu in Visual Studio.

WinUI Telerik UI for WinUI extension

Creating a Project

Progress Telerik UI for WinUI Extension allows you to quickly create an application pre-configured to use Telerik UI for WinUI. The following steps show how to create a new project using the extension.

  1. Open the extension menu and select the Create New Telerik Project option.

    WinUI Create New Telerik Project

  2. In the opened dialog configurate the basic project settings.

    WinUI Project Configuration

  3. In the "Create New Project Wizard" dialog choose the preferred target platform - UWP or Desktop - and the project template - Empty or DataGrid. The DataGrid template will create a basic setup for the DataGrid control. The Empty template will create an empty project with the Telerik assemblies referenced. For this example, the Empty option is used.

    WinUI Create New Project Wizard

  4. Clicking "Finish" in the previous dialog will create the new project.

    WinUI The new WinUI project

    Check the project's platform and change it to x86 or x64 in case it is set to arm64 by default.

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