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Recurrence Rule

The Scheduler supports repeating appointments through the RecurrenceRule property of the Appointment class. In order to create a recurrence rule, you have to define a recurrence pattern, such as frequency, days of week, max occurrences, and other.

The RecurrenceRule property has a mandatory Pattern property of type RecurrencePattern which describes how the appointment occurrences will be created through various recurrence settings. For detailed information on how to create the recurrence pattern go to Recurrence Pattern topic.

The main methods exposed by the RecurrenceRule class:

  • Copy()(type IRecurrenceRule)—Defines the new instance of the RecurrenceRule.
  • CopyFrom()—Defines the pattern properties that are duplicate of the specified RecurrencePattern object in the RecurrencePattern object that calls this method.


The RecurrenceRule class exposes an exceptions method, which allows you to get or set all exception occurrences associated with the current rule.

  • CreateExceptionAppointment—Defines a new IAppointment instance that will hold the properties of an exception occurrence.

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