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.NET MAUI NavigationView Selection

The NavigationView for .NET MAUI enables the app users to quickly select item from the navigation pane. This topic goes through the item selection API provided by the NavigationView component.

Main Properties

  • SelectedItem(object)—Specifies the currently selected item in the NavigationView. Set this property to the NavigationView.
  • IsSelectable(bool)—Specifies whether the NavigationViewItem is selectable. Set this property to the NavigationViewItem.
  • IsSelected(bool)—Specifies whether the NavigationViewItem is selected. Set this property to the NavigationViewItem.


NavigationView exposes a SelectionChanged event which is raised when the currently selected NavigationView item has changed. The SelectionChanged event handler receives two parameters:

  • The sender argument, which is of type object, but can be cast to the RadNavigationView control.
  • System.EventArgs.

Example with Selection Properties

The following example shows the NavigationView Selection feature.

1. Define the NavigationView control:

<telerik:RadNavigationView x:Name="navigationView"
                           HeaderText="Navigation Header">
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Search"
                <FontImageSource Glyph="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.IconSearch}"
                                 FontFamily="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.Name}"
                                 Size="16" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Item 1" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Item 2" IsSelected="True" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Item 3 - not selectable" IsSelectable="False" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Item 4 - disabled " IsEnabled="False" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Item 5 - not selectable" IsSelectable="False" />
        <telerik:NavigationViewItem Text="Settings"
                <FontImageSource Glyph="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.IconMore}"
                                 FontFamily="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.Name}"
                                 Size="16" />
    <Label HorizontalOptions="Center"
           Text="{Binding SelectedItem.Text, Source={x:Reference navigationView}}" />

2. Add the telerik namespace:


This is how the NavigationView selection looks:

Telerik UI for .NET MAUI NavigationView Selection

For the runnable NavigationView Selection example, see the SDKBrowser Demo Application and go to NavigationView > Features category.

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